Buffer Massive Event
Feeds and Aggregate,
and Analyze
Event Streams in Real

Real-time View of
Claims and Records,
Protect Legacy
System Investment

Track Assets and
People to Improve
Operational Efficiency,
Scheduling, Safety
and Asset Yield

Analyze and React
to Transactions
and Opportunities
in Real Time

Integrate and Manage
Navigation, Logistics
and Operations

Through Low Latency
Access to Market and
Price Data


Welcome to Blue River Systems Group! We are a professional services firm specializing in Legacy Blending and Enterprise Data Grid by way of Reactive and In-Memory Data Grid technologies, providing exceptional reliability, availability, scalability and performance to our clients’ critical service-oriented business systems.

Enterprise Data Grids enable cloud-scale partitioned data management through peer-to-peer clustering of Java virtual machines on commodity processors that are accessed through highly available and highly scalable service- and event-based architectures, web and rich internet applications. The demands of today's business applications require a level of scalability and performance that only PaaS-enabled in-memory data grids can deliver.

Enterprise Data Grids are business-object containers providing in-memory, in-place processing of the most sophisticated, realtime, transactional and performance challenging problems across all business domains.

Blue River Systems Group leverages decades of business-focused enterprise-class distributed object development experience to demonstrate, architect, design and implement the patterns required to deliver exemplary Enterprise Data Grid and object persistence solutions.