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Why Let Us Train Your Team?

Why Let Us Train Your Team?

  • Our training is delivered in context, around a fully-functional, business-relevant, reference solution that your team specifies in the Pre-Training Consult. No more simplistic "Hello World" or out-of-context examples that your team can't relate to.
  • We focus on teaching you to build high-performing and resilient business systems on the Elixir Platform.
  • At the end of training, you walk away with artifacts that clearly connect your team's learning to specific code examples and aspects of the architecture in the reference solution.
  • We deliver exceptional value for your training investment.

How Do We Get Started?

Getting Started is Easy and Efficient

Pre-Training Consultation

1 hour meeting, with follow-on as needed, where your team communicates a domain model relevant to your business that will become the reference solution used in training


2 to 4 day, in-person or online, client-prioritized, instructor-led training providing immersive basics from architecture through deployment for the Elixir Platform

Post-Training Consultation

Follow-on training and consulting for architectural discussions, pilot projects and advanced topics

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Why Elixir for Business?

Why Elixir for Business?

Business Elixir
Has Scarce Resource Does Much with Little
Operations must be Timely Is Reliably Responsive & Elastically Resilient
Decisions Rely on KPIs Built-in Metrics, Transparently Visible, Made for Telemetry
Finance Seeks Value Saturates Subscribed CPU Cores with Concurrent Work
Vision must be Realized Productively Delivers Results to Production
Information Systems must work Effectively Fault-Tolerant, Supervised, Resilient & Reliable Workloads
Change is Constant Explicit, Nothing Hidden, Readily Modified
Scales to Consumers Is Proven at Consumer Scale
Relies on Competence Youthfully Stands on the Shoulders of Erlang/OTP
Complexity must be Made Simple Functionally, Declaratively Accessible & Understandable

What's Included in the Training?

Elixir Domain-Specific Training Topics

  • Erlang Runtime System Foundations
  • Elixir Platform Architecture
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Elixir and Functional Programming
  • Phoenix Web Framework
  • REST APIs, Channels and Presence
  • LiveView Server-Side Rendering Framework
  • Integrating CSS and Javascript Frameworks
  • Concurrency with OTP
  • Persistence with Ecto and Riak
  • Messaging with RabbitMQ
  • Projecting OLTP Transactions for OLAP, Analytics and ML
  • Microservice Deployment
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