About BRSG

BRSG principals are experienced businessmen, software craftsmen and trainers who are committed to helping clients learn to productively and repeatedly convert ideas to competitive advantage and business success.

The tools we use have changed over our 30 years of service but our commitment to quality and to your success is a constant.

Alan Strait

For three decades Alan has approached information technology from a business school perspective focusing on teamwork, domain knowledge, business agility, and meeting the competitive and strategic needs of a wide variety of corporate clients. Alan enjoys wearing all of the hats of enterprise and ISV software development to deliver functional and non-functional requirements. In the cloud era over the past decade Alan has focused on in-memory compute and data grid technologies to deliver high value, highly capable consumer grade information systems.

Dave Muirhead

Dave has been crafting enterprise business applications professionally for nearly 30 years. As a polyglot, full-stack software developer, architect, consultant and trainer, he has extensive experience in a wide variety of business domains. He has deep experience with server-side and distributed technologies, including data and grid computing, and reactive systems. Whether leading a team, managing a project or facilitating communication between the business and technical communities, Dave is passionate about making people and teams increasingly productive and successful.

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