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Mark Landy
Former Global VP of Enterprise Architecture at Johnson & Johnson

Over the last decade+ and for several big-bet initiatives, I had come to rely on Dave Muirhead and Alan Strait of Blue River Systems Group for critical engineering and delivery of some of my more complex and game-changing concepts.

In particular, while elaborating and then building a high-speed bi-directional data fabric in Gemfire (now Geode) for mainframe and subsequently very large ERP landscapes, Blue River was the only team which had the experience and grasp of the concept I required along with thorough & diligent engineering practices to make it become a reality.

Blue River not only aided with bringing the concept to reality, they also leaned in and helped us with Agile practices and training, as well as investing considerable mind-share with me in managing through regulatory approval for validated systems in healthcare.

I have yet to find a comparable team that has the unique knowledge and experience coupled with pragmatic and helpful attitudes that prioritize teaming and working together.

Richard Lamb
Former President at ReactiveCore

During my 30 year career I have worked with the BRSG team in virtually ever phase of building my companies and they always delivered high impact measurable results.

I would not start a company or work for a company where I did not have access to their business and technical expertise and their ability to handle the toughest challenges I throw at them. Their versatility whether helping me running a large customer project, supporting pre-sales opportunities and closing deals, creating a business plan or an Investor Deck, generating architectural design guidelines or white papers for technical marketing and the list goes on...

Every company that I've worked for post sale as mentioned above has wanted to hire them after seeing what they are capable of delivering.

Bottom line is that for small company, they punch way above their weight!

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